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Iboga Seeds


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Grade A – Very Rare!, research grade.

Iboga seeds offered by Shamanic Extracts are freshly harvested from locally grown plants. They are of the round-pod variety which is the type preferred by the Bwiti for their rituals. Availability is limited to the current harvest and seed will only be sold till it runs out.

This is a very rare, tricky plant to grow but very rewarding. Germinate in cotton wool and sterilized water keeping warm with a heat mat. Germination will take place in 6-10 weeks. It naturally germinates in the fruit after it is starting to turn rancid. Make sure all soil is heat sterilized so the seed does not rot once transplanted. The best soil mixture can be prepared with 80% coarse sharp sand mixed with 20% potting soil perlite and vermiculite. If the seed shell is stubborn and does not shed naturally after three days use a scalpel to gently remove it very carefully 2mm per day until it is off! Keep warm and humid and out of direct sunlight until after one year old. Mist the soil when still young. After a year keep well watered. Try to simulate their natural environment as much as possible. Heat mats are a complete necessity with these seeds!

T. iboga, the source of ibogaine, is claimed to be useful in the treatment of addictions. Tabernanthe iboga is a beautiful plant. Ibogaine, in the treatment of addiction, is over glorified by lovers of psychedelics.

Botanical name: Tabernanthe iboga
Synonym: Iboga vateriana, Tabernanthe albiflora, Tabernanthe tenuiflora, Tabernanthe bocca, Tabernanthe mannii, Tabernanthe subsessilis, Tabernanthe pubescens
Common name: Iboga, Eboga
Family: Apocynaceae
Native to: western Central Africa
Life cycle: perennial shrub
Flower colour: white
Height: approx 120cm
Characteristics and usage: traditional use; Consumuption of Iboga root is a central part of the tribes (Bwiti Fang) during initiations ceremonies and healing rituals.